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Since 2002 we’ve been printing & installing wheatpasting campaigns across USA.

Wheatpasting® Campaigns

Take your message to the streets! Wheatpasting® campaigns provide eye-level advertising direct to your customers as they walk down the street. The right location with the right poster can generate a huge buzz for your brand at a fraction of the cost of digital advertising. We have +20 years experience printing and installing all types of wheatpasting posters around Fort Worth and most major US cities.

We’re one of the few OOH marketing providers who don’t outsource their printing, and can provide next day poster printing turnarounds on our wheatpaste posters, so you can get your campaigns launched faster! Talk to our dedicated Real Estate team today to find the best of our hand-picked locations in your city, for your next wheatpasting campaign.

Our Service – How it Works

  1. Fill out a quote form and receive our rates
  2. Confirm your locations, dates & cities
  3. Send your poster artwork to print (we print next day!)
  4. Posters are installed in your chosen locations over a few days
  5. We provide a report and photos of your campaign

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What Cities?

We provide wheatpasting poster printing and campaign activations and installs in most major US cities. If you’ve been walking around Fort Worth in the past few years, chances are you have walked past a street poster printed by Printing Fort Worth!

Our wheatpasting service is popular in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more. You can call any of our sales offices in New York or Los Angeles, to talk to our dedicated wheatpasting team to find out how we can work together in your city to develop a high-level street advertising campaign using street posters.

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Wheatpasting® Campaigns

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All your Wheatpasting® Questions Answered

Wheatpasting® campaigns are all about being at the right location, with the right message. Discover everything you need to know before starting a wheatpasting campaign with Printing Fort Worth.

What is wheatpasting?

Wheatpasting® is an outdoor marketing technique that involves plastering advertising posters to walls, barricades and fences in popular areas. To get the most exposure, static signs known as “wheatpasting posters” are plastered all over densely populated urban areas in an effort to attract as much traffic as possible. The entertainment business, in particular (record releases, concerts, appearances), have traditionally been the biggest users of wheatpasting marketing campaigns, as it delivers a low cost, high return alternative to digital marketing.

Few kinds of media encourage viewers to engage directly with the content by snapping pictures of it, such as wheatpastings. With this degree of engagement, the message may be spread to more places, including homes, garages and basements; parties; dorm rooms; garage sales; and more.

What are wheatpaste posters?

Wheatpaste posters, or simply, wheat paste, is also known as flour paste, flour and water paste, flour paste, or simply paste, and is a gel or liquid adhesive comprised of wheat flour or starch and water. Wheatpaste uses include book binding, decoupage and collage, papier-mâché and affixing paper posters and notes to walls. It has been around since antiquity.

Wheat pastes manufactured from flour and those prepared from starch have a significant distinction. In addition to gluten, starch is found in vegetable flours. Adhesive can become difficult to remove from a flour paste over time because of cross-linking of gluten in the paste. It is possible to make high-quality, reversible paste out of starch. The latter is the industry standard when it comes to adhering documents.

Flour and starch from a variety of vegetables can be used to make pastes ranging in strength and reversibility depending on plant species; the method of processing; and end-user recipe.

What is wheatpaste used for?

Making paper rings out of colorful construction paper is a frequent usage for this tool. Papier-mâché can be made with it as well. Wheat starch paste is frequently used in the manufacture and presentation of fine art. Whiteness, strength, reversibility, and a neutral pH make a good wheat starch paste suitable for various types of paper artifacts. citations needed

Use of this adhesive is common among activists and members of many subcultures. Commercial billboards have been using it since the nineteenth century. Poster paste was used extensively by circus bill posters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, who established a culture around paste production and postering campaigns. Advertisements for booze and nightclubs in the 1890s used Henri de Toulouse-posters, Lautrec’s which were so popular that how-to guides for safely removing the pasted posters were issued.

Commercial poster hangers used to make their own paste until the 1970s, but since then, many have purchased pre-cooked fast pastes.

Flat surfaces, such as concrete and metal, are preferred because the adhesive does not stick well to wood or plastic. As long as the fibers are immersed quickly in the mixture, cheap, rough paper like newspaper is ideal.

Wheatpasters usually work in teams or affinity groups when erecting illegal billboards or signage. The term “wheatpasting” or “poster bombing” is commonly used in the United States and Canada, even when commercial wallpaper paste is used instead of traditional wheat paste. Flyposting (commercial wheatpasting) and paste-up (urban art wheatpasting) are both terms used in the United Kingdom.

What are your wheatpasting locations?

All major US cities including New York, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and more are covered by our wild-posting campaign printing and installation services.

Flexible pricing options are available for all budgets. What better way to get the word out about your next big event or new line of clothing than with some outrageous posting? Street-level posters enable your business contact the people who live, shop, work, and play in those regions, which are becoming increasingly populous each year.

People are more inclined to walk and eat outside now than they were a few years ago, so your poster postings will have a stronger impact. People’s willingness to test new items increases as their lives evolve.

Internet advertisements are based on a cost-per-click model (CPC). When you employ wheatpasting campaigns, you pay for “impressions.” To get 30,000 impressions in seven days, you may get half as many impressions in one day with the correct wheatpasting advertising strategy. It’s all about location, location, location for wheatpasting success!

What size are wheatpasting posters?

Wheatpasting®s are typically 36 inches tall by 24 inches wide. You can also choose with a 72-inch-tall and 36-inch-wide variant. The 24×36 wheatpasting poster is our most popular printed poster and is available to print next day in Fort Worth.

Due to the wide variety of locations we use, we print all sized posters, even custom +72″ sizes to fit barricades and larger walls. Talk to one of our expert team today about finding the right wheatpasting poster dimension for your project.

How long will my street posters stay up?

About 3-5 days is the typical shelf life for wheat paste (until it begins fermenting and smelling icky) which is also about the time your posters will be getting plastered over. Using a paint roller or brush from a hardware shop is usually the best method for putting up posters or artwork. Lay on a basic coat of wheatpaste using a paint roller and allow it to dry.

It’s a good idea to soak your paper pieces in wheatpaste before utilizing them in paper mache projects. It will take around an hour or two for the glue to set, but the paper will remain moist for at least a day. The procedure can be sped up by using a fan.

What is guerilla marketing?

Guerila marketing is a type of unconventional marketing where surprise tactics are used to promote a product or service. Guerrilla marketing is an advertising approach. It’s a form of advertising very different to traditional routes and involves fast execution, good planning and expert knowledge of the target customer. The book Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson, published in 1984, made the term widespread.

For direct interaction with clients, Guerrilla marketing employs a variety of strategies and practices.

It’s a primary purpose of this connection to elicit an emotional response from customers, and the ultimate goal of marketing is for customers’ memories of products and brands to be altered.

Advertisers and marketers have to discover new ways to communicate their commercial messages to the consumer as traditional advertising media channels including print, radio, television, and direct mail fade in popularity. To establish a lasting impact on the customer, guerrilla marketing relies on surprising them with the goods or brand. As a result, interest in the advertised goods grows. In order to make a lasting impression on customers, this form of advertising aims to increase their interest in the product or service being advertised. The more memorable the campaign is, the more likely it is that a customer or someone who participated in the campaign would spread the word about the product to their friends. As a result, the product or service being marketed reaches a larger audience than expected through word of mouth.

There are many ways to get your message out there without spending a lot of money, and one of them is guerrilla marketing.

As long as you’ve got the ability to think outside the box, you don’t need to spend a fortune on guerilla marketing. This means that tiny businesses, especially those who are up against much larger rivals, can benefit from it.

In many cases, the message to the consumer is supposed to be simple and brief. This form of advertising also appeals to the unconscious mind, which is typically responsible for making purchasing decisions. It takes repetition to embed a product or service in the subconscious mind, therefore generating buzz about a product and spreading it among friends makes it easier to do it again and again.

Is wheatpasting advertising effective?

Yes, compared to other forms of outdoor advertising, wheatpasting advertising offer the best return on investment (ROI). Per poster in a major city is seen by an average of over 1000 people each day.

To ensure that the wheatpasting posters are seen by the right people, they are strategically positioned in specific neighborhoods. Brand recognition, interest, and buying intent can all be generated through them (via QR and promo codes).

To promote events, new stores, and other out-of-home (OOH) advertising formats, they are particularly useful. They are more successful in terms of scheduling than traditional print billboards, which are acquired monthly, because they are purchased on a weekly basis.

Wheatpasting® is seen by many brands as a way to gain street cred because it ties them to trendy districts and edgy marketing techniques. Finally, social media networks benefit from unique content provided by crazy postings.

What are the different formats for wheatpasting?

A wide variety of wheatpasting formats are available for your outdoor advertising needs. Whether you are posting on public bulletin boards or construction sites, there’s a poster size to suit your desires.

Posters printed on card stock
There are no predetermined sites for street poster installation, and they are typically placed in prominent indoor or outdoor spots around various neighborhoods and measure 11×17″ or 18×24″. For marketing local events and showcasing new products, these are excellent tools.

Posters with Pull-tabs
The pull-tabs on these 8.5×11″ posters urge customers to take one and share it with others. Cafes, retail windows, college campuses, public bulletin boards and streetlights are the most common places to find these posters. These are popular for any single brand advertising campaign.

Clingy posters
It is possible to utilize a static electricity charged material to adhere Guerilla cling posters, which measure 11 inches by 15 inches and are printed on, without using tape, paste, or staples. Creative and targeted placement is possible, as well as the possibility of cutting the signs into certain forms to enhance their visibility and effectiveness. These street posters are cost effective and very popular across major cities.

Magnets with a 3′′ x 4′′ logo are placed on metal surfaces throughout a city. Storefront entrances, newspaper kiosks, and other popular areas are all examples of common locations. This guerilla marketing tactic is exceptional in its efficacy because consumers use the magnets for personal use at their offices, apartments, or hostels.

Wheatpaste Posters®
With permission from the property owners, we use wheatpaste to paste our 24×36″ thin paper posters on various surfaces, such as walls, stores, and building sites. For each region, they display a single company’s advertising campaign through 18 to 32 posters in a variety of street poster designs. Hanging the posters on a range of high-traffic surfaces, such as building facades and barriers, alleyways and a variety of structures, skate parks, school yards and outdoor shopping malls, is one option.