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Gravure Printing

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High-quality gravure printing services for vibrant, long-lasting images on packaging and publications.
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Gravure Printing

Timeless Gravure Printing techniques to enhance your next printing projects

At Printing Fort Worth, we take pride in offering Gravure Printing, a premier service that stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and precision. This intaglio printing technique is renowned for its exceptional ability to produce fine, detailed images with unparalleled clarity and richness. Utilizing a copper-plated cylinder where the image to be printed is engraved into the surface, our Gravure process ensures that each ink cell is filled and then meticulously transferred onto the substrate. This method is not only revered for its high-speed production capabilities but also for its remarkable consistency over long print runs, making it an ideal choice for New York businesses seeking high-volume outputs without compromising on image fidelity.

New York's dynamic market landscape demands advertising materials that capture attention with vivid colors and crisp graphics. Our Gravure Printing service meets this need by delivering products with superior ink laydown and density control. The versatility of substrates compatible with Gravure – ranging from fine paper to heavy cardboard – allows us to cater to diverse business requirements across various sectors including fashion, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging. The depth of impression achieved through this process results in prints that are not only visually striking but also tactilely distinctive.

As New York businesses continue to thrive in an environment saturated with visual stimuli, standing out becomes imperative. Our Gravure Printing service offers an edge by producing materials that boast longevity due to their resistance to wear and exposure—a critical factor in the bustling streets of Fort Worth, TX where durability equates visibility. By integrating this sophisticated printing solution into their marketing strategies, companies can elevate their brand presence effectively while harnessing the benefits of one of the most reliable and sought-after printing techniques available today.

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What is Gravure Printing?

Gravure printing, also known as rotogravure printing, is a high-speed, high-quality intaglio printing process utilized for large-volume runs of magazines, mail order catalogues, packaging, and other types of high-quality print products. It involves engraving the image onto a cylinder which becomes the printing plate; each rotation of the cylinder transfers ink directly onto the substrate through tiny cells etched into the surface. The depth and size of these cells determine the amount of ink transferred and thus the intensity of color in the final print. This method is renowned for its remarkable image fidelity, consistent quality over long runs, and ability to print on a wide variety of materials.

At 1800 Printing, we harness gravure printing's precision and efficiency to deliver superior printed products for our clients requiring large-scale production with uncompromised quality. Our state-of-the-art gravure presses are calibrated for optimal performance across various substrates including paper, foil, and plastic films. We specialize in producing vibrant packaging materials, sophisticated direct mail pieces, and high-end publication prints that meet both aesthetic expectations and functional requirements while ensuring cost-effectiveness for our clients' bulk orders.

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High-Volume Magazines

Gravure printing is ideal for producing high-quality, glossy magazines with consistent color and image clarity across large volumes.


This method is perfect for creating detailed and vibrant catalogs that require high-resolution images to showcase products effectively.


Gravure printing allows for the creation of intricate designs and patterns on wallpaper, offering durability and color fastness.

Packaging Materials

Used extensively in the packaging industry, gravure printing can produce large quantities of packaging with detailed graphics and metallic inks.

Currency Notes

The high precision of gravure printing makes it suitable for printing currency notes which require fine detail and security features.

Vinyl Flooring

Durable vinyl flooring designs benefit from gravure's ability to print complex patterns with great wear resistance.


Gravure printing provides depth and realism to the decorative paper used in laminates for furniture or countertops.

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